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That with an income of just S$7,000 onwards , you can upgrade to own private properties, without having to pay extra cash from your own pocket.
Matter of fact, many home owners have already done it and they have benefitted time and time again!
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Is upgrading to a condominium really a possibility?
Wouldn’t I need to make tens of thousands of dollars before I can afford one?
Really? Isn’t it loads of commitment? A condo?


You are not the only one who thinks like that.
Many of my clients have average income of S$7,000 – S$9,000, you name it.
And just by sitting down for a short 15 minutes discussion, it became apparent that owning private properties is not a dream too far for them.
Our proprietary Asset Progression approach provides our clients with a clear investment route map.
A route map that is stress free for the next five to ten years.


The Career Path for Asset you Control
Just like your career, your real estate property requires advancement and progression too.
After all, the decisions that you make with your asset will determine its future value.
Imagine, a job with no proper progression, pay increment, and as well as no proper designation, would you continue to hold on to the job?
Just like that job, your home, your HDB, is constantly on the fight with newly launched BTO that is offered at an irresistible price. Sounds too familiar doesn’t it?
On the other hand, if you own a private condominium, it is more often than not that the nearby new launch projects launches at a price higher than your private property.
Causing your property to rise in value.


The same applies to properties.
Make sense?

Your first pot of gold

If you bought a BTO, you would’ve made considerable capital gain.
Yes that pot of gold that you are sitting on, right now.
Your most profitable window was when you bought it new and sold right after the 5 year Minimum Occupation Period (MOP).
If you are still holding or plan to hold after that 5 years MOP period, you’ve got to read on!

Because with just S$7,000 – S$9,000 , it is now possible for you to own private properties.


Supply And Demand – The Nature Forces of Economics
Gold is rare, Silver is less rare, and that’s the reason why gold is almost 80x more expensive than Silver.
It is widely known now that HDB properties are unlikely to outgrow private property in terms of price.
It is simple economics, supply and demand !
There are just too much HDB around in Singapore as compared to private condominium.
The amount of HDB upgraders, and as well high net worth investors are just too much.
Let's take a look at the following chart.
In 2003 to 2013, the price of HDB has grown by 99.02% , and the price of a private condominium has grown by 118.74% .
Private Growth
HDB Growth
When translated into dollars gained, it is not hard to realize why the rich became richer.
We are talking about resale homes here, without taking into account of the new home launch price trend.
And very recently, a piece of EC land GLS has been sold at a price higher than a private residential site.
What does that mean for future private home prices?
We are talking about resale homes here, without taking into account of the new home launch price trend.
What does that mean for future private home prices?
Find out about our Four Step Asset Progression approach now!

Hi, I'm Edmund Ee and here’s how I can help you

Edmund Ee
CEA Reg No R006498C
Senior Division Director, ERA Realty Pte Ltd
The process of getting or selling a property is unique and this is why you need someone reliable who will be there for you throughout the process.
From financial calculations to a personalised asset progression roadmap, I am confident that we can structure a well-planned roadmap that is great for you, for many years to come.


We approached Edmund with the intention to sell our home that could not move for almost 5 months (with another agent). With their new way of reaching out to potential homeowners, we were convinced that Edmund was the right person for it.
After scheduling a meet-up at our place, we gave them the green light to market our property.
And true enough, we had our house sold within 2 weeks at fair market value! Thanks for all the help rendered, the professionalism of the team deserves a big THUMBS UP!
thomas & elisa
We never thought upgrading would be a possibility. The team with Edmund sat down patiently with us and took the guesswork out of it. Realising it was possible for us without feeling financially strained, we went from a 4-Room HDB (BTO) to a 3-Bedroom Private Condominium.
Owning a condominium was like realising a dream. My 2 kids are happy at our new place and so are we. Huge thanks to the team for making this possible!
felix & sharon


  • A Feasibility Assessment for a greater understanding into your current financial position.
  • A complete deep dive approach to calculate your various option so you will never feel a tinge of stress in the entire process.
  • A well-researched report of the most suitable private properties for your investment.
  • A neat and well planned route map for your asset to progress.
  • A step by step approach to grow your real estate asset in phases, year after year.
  • And all other questions that you might have in mind right now.

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